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21/06/2021 16:04

Böker Plus knive short review

I just review the knive, not the site. Bought my BÖKER Plus knive somewhere else. Marvellous. Highest build quality and the design is (subjectively) simply beautiful. Danke.


24/03/2021 12:58

This site is not serious

This site is not serious, they announce Paypal payment and delivery in your country then when you going to pay nothing is available. They make you lose your time, runaway

Vitor Henrique

16/12/2020 22:10

Not impressed, AT ALL!!!

Bought a 70 gram knife from them on 01st Dec 20 got it on 16th Dec 20 (15 days from Germany to Portugal), sent through DHL with a cost of 18.05€ for the postage!!!!! The same kind of item bought on Amazon takes 48 hours maximum and costs around 6.00€, What happend to the German quality???


02/11/2020 02:18

To be avoided

I've ordered two knives as a birthday gift for a friend, asking and paying for laser engraving. After 6 days no news about delivery so I sent them an email. The answer was that it takes five working days for knives to be shipped!!! After several days another email from Boker which informed me that the laser machine is broken and they try hard to repair it. So after two weeks my friend's birtday passed and the knives were not shipped yet. I wont buy anything from never ever again.

James Todd

17/07/2020 23:20


I received a brand new Boker Magnum pocket knife today. It was a small lockblade with wood scales. I have never been so disappointed as I was with this knife from Boker. Boker used to be one of the finest knives you could buy anywhere. Upon opening the knife, the lockblade snapped into place, however whenever I tried to suppress the lock release, there was no way I could get it to close. I tried until my fingers hurt. I finally used another knife's bolster to push down on the lock release and finally the blade folded down. I am so very disappointed. The knife is unuseable. I will never purchase another Boker knife again.


29/05/2020 14:15

Very good service, German efficiency

I made my first purchase with this company and the German efficiency was proven. Quick in response, they always communicate with the end customer and use a respectful and efficient transport operator - DHL. I am loyal and recommend the company BOKER. The product arrived in due time, and properly packaged.

Tomás l

27/02/2020 01:58

Fast postage, good service!

Fast postage and the price for the knife (Kizer Sheepdog) was better than competitors sites. Would recommend and will return.

Daro Syko

24/05/2019 12:58

Absurdly bad service!

Absurdly bad service! This company thinks it can ship illegal knives to the UK. Goods were canceled before dispatch as soon as we realized, they sent them anyway. Goods were returned to them and they think they can demand a restocking (75 Euro fee), what a bunch of muppets give this one a miss! The good news is that distant selling regulations which they do not follow protect the purchaser so they can go do one or see us in court!

Andy Park

15/05/2019 20:47

Excellent service good prices

Excellent service good prices. Thank you!

Jake Kirk

15/05/2019 20:26

Worse company ever ordered from.

Worse company ever ordered from. Company tries to intimidate on returns. Recommend never to buy from.

24/11/2018 14:20

Expensive postage.

Ordered a knife which wasn’t obtainable in the U.K. (many of their products are) and charged €10 postage. This seemed steep, but what choice was there? I wanted that one. Package arrived, reasonably but not blindingly quickly, the size of 2 telephone directories (and weighing as much), space for more than a dozen knives and what was inside? One medium-sized knife and 3 massive catalogues I hadn’t asked for. THIS was why the postage was so high. So for sheer outrageous cheek, and utter contempt for the environment, 2 stars. Who sends out massive catalogues anymore? We have the internet!


01/10/2015 12:14

High quality Balisong (Butterfly knife) trainer!

Just bought a Böker Magnum: a Balisong trainer for 20€. The knife came with a metallic case with a fitting place for the Balisong! The knife doesn't make much noise while using it as others i have seen till now and it is very comfortable to use! It fell on the floor a few times but it is still alright and working as it should. 5 Stars for Böker !!!

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